Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler, 50ml

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Angel Muse Perfume by Thierry Mugler, Make every day an out of this world experience with Angel Muse, a stellar women’s fragrance. This intergalactic wonderland of delicious scents surely makes this another gourmand fragrance to add to the collection. Notes of grapefruit and pink pepper add an energizing splash that uplifts the scent for a citrus and spicy concoction that’s entirely unique. The incorporation of hazelnut cocoa spread is tantalizing with its rich, creamy and sugary confection vibe, while the patchouli and vetiver infuse the blend with some earthy, floral power for an unforgettable, original perfume you’ll want to wear like a new skin.

The Mugler brand, founded by Thierry Mugler, has become a worldwide sensation in both the fashion and fragrance world. While his many perfumes, like this 2016 release, have garnered interest through their authentic themes, his entire creative vision is based on fantasy elements and futuristic shapes. While the perfume itself is prepared to satisfy your olfactory appetite, this luminous fragrance is also encased in a beautiful, cosmic-inspired bottle you’ll be happy to see on your shelf.