Bvlgari Aqua Atlantique EDT 100ml for Men

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An aromatic tonic fragrance that powerfully portrays the Atlantic Ocean. The Master Perfumer designed the architecture of a dual fragrance made up of two accords that oppose and magnify each other: the fragrance pulses with the “Sea Amber accord” and contrasts with the “Ocean Energy accord”. “The fusion of an extremely potent aqueous note accentuates the natural qualities of fruit with aquatic notes that add dynamic underwater energy.” Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier. A symbol of strength and power. A boundless, deep blue ocean. The supreme symbol, the spirit of adventure. The sculpted bottle resembles a stone in glass and metal, instantly evoking the seashore. Its pure, powerful design suggests the deep blue depth of the ocean. AQVA POUR HOMME ATLANTIQVE man stands amidst the crashing waves and challenges the Ocean’s horizon, staring into its infinity.