O Hira Eau de Parfum, 50ml by Stephane Humbert Lucas 777

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To say that O Hira is perhaps the finest amber fragrance in the world isn't so much a matter of opinion as it is a matter of pedigree. 777 creator and nose Stéphane Humbert Lucas became fixated on creating an amber scent that would spare no expense, cut no corner, in pursuit of the most precious ingredients on the globe. The process would end up taking him 2 years of dedicated work, but the result is nothing short of extraordinary: O Hira, the powerful, authentic scent of fossilized amber, a masterwork that Lucas considers “the diamond of the collection.”

There is no fragrance pyramid in O Hira, no notes given to consider outside of fossilized amber. But hidden within the simplicity is breathtaking depth, an amber that seems to contain sweet, rich, warm, spicy, powdery and smoky all at once, the kind of amber that almost makes one wonder if they're actually smelling it for the first time. With an almost unbelievable sillage and longevity, O Hira is a true testament to uncompromising quality, an approach mirrored in the elegant, genuine platinum-lettered bottle and hand-milled silver cap. For those who love amber fragrances above all others, O Hira demands to become the centerpiece of your collection.