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Have your heart rushing, mind stimulating, and fun riding at top gear with soon to launch PS5.


PS5 Launch Date, Price In UAE, Specs


Sony’s next generation console, Play Station 5 for starters has an exciting new look, the space-age black and white color scheme and a futuristic next-gen console. What puts cherry on the cake is the release of PS5 Digital Edition, meaning now gamers get to enjoy a digital-only console without a disc drive, and lots more ease & access.


When is PS5 launching, you ask? Well, pre-order is soon to be announced, but we’re as excited to learn more about the actuals.


PS5 price in UAE is too what’s to release soon, but we expect that as you buy the latest PS5 console from Sharaf DG, the best deals with make the purchase totally worth it. Starting from Play Station 5 console, you can also buy gaming headphones, VR and the many, many games.


What to play on PS5?


Well, loads of added games with a better experience. We hear there is a new spider-man entry, a new addition to Horizon Zero Dawn along with Resident Evil and a lot more.


What’s the Difference between PS4 & PS5?


The look for starters is new in the PS5 new launch, but games for sure will be followed with an improvised and more digitized experience. The user experience in PS5 is what we are agreeing to be reaching the next level of a gamer’s expectation.


A Christmas gift list can already be put to plan now, as now we know what to buy for the love of games! Be ready to buy PS5 in UAE and bring in fun and excitement with your favorite games