Technique Titan by Aris for Men - Eau de Parfum, 100 ML

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The powerful fusion comes from a blend of a variety of ingredients and is ideal to be worn on any occasion. Top Notes The top notes of this perfume for men comprises bergamot, cinnamon, and juniper. The whiff that emits from this combination is citrusy, bitter and sour, and has an elegant light note. The perfume stays on you for a lasting time and has excellent sillage. You can pick up the scent easily even after hours. Middle Notes With the middle notes taking charge, you will start feeling the magnetic pull that is a result of notes from lavender, geranium, jasmine, and violet. The jasmine twist gives a floral scent that is sweet like a narcotic in which violet adds a metallic edge with green and aqueous notes. Base Notes After the middle notes die down, the base notes dominate. These are formed from the combination of sandalwood, moss, black chocolate, and tonka bean. This combination gives a milky, soft, sturdy, rich scent that has a green top note and leaves behind a lingering woody scent that is sensually appealing and rich. Moreover, the chocolate leaves give a patchouli essence that is deep and has a slightly bitterish edge. The tonka bean leaves a bittersweet almond facet.